Hey guys ! Friends are those persons in our life who never leave us in any situation .there are many definition on friendship. I miss my friends of school days those friends are kinda different from collge friends .however all friends are good but when it comes to my besty i dont even know why every person dislike my besty like that person never talked to any person in family than whats the matter dude .

I just hate when people start to dislike each other .there is no need to hate each other .every time me and my besty tried to be good tried to convince them that we are besties but they rejected. This is so riticulous 

Than finally we adapted a habit of not talking to each other much like previously we did .slowly slowly its like we arent friends atleast frnds .we are behaving like casual friends never message each other like that .what is going on ?! I want my fruend back to me .

Its very hard to forget a person to whom i love as my besty .i xant forget that person in my entire life .i miss that person so bad.why i cant be that person ? Ohh god please help meh .

We both made distance by our selves because of my family and my besty’s family .we miss each other so bad .but we are living separatly Its like we dont have any best friend .its such a shit thing in my life and my besty’s life .i mean who the hell destroy’s the bonds between buddy’s ? No one does so but here this miracle is happening with me .may god bless all persons with their best friends.

May god bless ever buddy’s in this world .

May god bless every person in this whole world .

Love you god 

And i trust you and i pray that one day you will make a situation that me and my besty could meet each other.

#feather thinker.


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