sleepless nights.

As we all work hard and hard to achieve success we pay attention on our goals and have some sleepless nights with work that gives us a bright and beautifull future .

But if i get less sleep ill roll my eye balls in any situation .no concentration on studies not even to have proper meal .i cant be working without sleep .

Paid much attention on records yesterday night now i started my blogs to wirte .i was excited to start blog and i love it beacuse i usually wirte diary since i was in 6th grde.

I need to sleep .sleeping is must to be fresh and have much and concentration on our goals for the perticular day .night sleep is the best sleep .working at night and sleep At day time doesnt sounds good ryt, its been many hours that i havent slept yet .my ecitement made me that i should not sleep…..why is this excitment make us sleepless?!

A hardworking day make us to sleeptight at night .

My headache because of sleepless nights .the dark circles are just “ugh”.it looks so wierd and people say that “ohhh gosh !you are working so hard you’ll achieve your goals” …..all shit ^ i mean i want to sleep my eyes my mind want to relax and people wont understand this .why they cant??
Its too irritatable day that i didnt slept and i have to work untill it has to be completed .its ugh…
Be focusing on goal with a sleepy nights .



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