sleepy day.


Assalamualaikum .

How are you guyz?hope to be well.      Today was a boring day .i cant say day because i was sleeping whole day hehehheh thats common for me to sleep 24 hours .yesterday night i didnt slept but did work with cousin .in the morning i was thinking about bolgs .

Now a days i am thinking too much .like the thing which is never going to be happen i was like what this is ?huh! I cant stop thinking .about every thing i think too much its hust waste of time .i didnt even had my meal today .This sleep and over thinking making me sick ohh god help me out please .

When i was awake i found no one at my home firstly i was searching the food i found it obviously but didnt ate yet .suddenly i thought to chack my mobile hey!we usually check our mobiles when we woke up right? I checked my mobile i did chat with my friend (bunny)why bunny?because that persons cheeks are soft and bulged.bunny is so sweet and humbled .we talked about our records this is the work we got to do in these holidays.holidays huh !bored not even a single day enjoyed .only 2works am doing 1st is to sleep and 2nd is to work .boring days any ways am excited for tmorrow because one of my friend would visit  my home (in shaa allah)and i hope we would enjoy .

Now  butterfly’s and bugs are playing a marathon in my stomach .i am starving alot need to do some thing i guess huh .its boring eat alone the meal .

I want a person who can be with meh 24 hours being with me makes me happy work with me ,talk knowledgable with me ,it doesnt matter about looks of that person but to have manners.

If any one come in life with all that what i want i would never feel bored any time in fact i would be habituated to stay with person for ever .

But thats not true to have a person in such a way .i cant help but to be alone without any friends .

Its okay for me to be alone because i can be alone its okay for me well am making my mind strong as well making my self okay to face this….

#feather thinker.


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