The cat family.

All cats around the world spend their time doing the same sorts of activities:

Sleeping .

Cats live on their own because they like it ;very few live In groups .the only cats that live together are mother’s and their babies.

Cats eat only meat ,and those that live-in the wild have to catch it .
CARACAL- these cats can leap high into the air to catch birds .
BOBCAT- these cats live in the woodland of North America and eats rabbits .
JAGUARUNDI-these cats eats anything that they catch .
FISHING CAT-These cats catches fish by grabbing them with claws.

Pumas are the long jumpers of the cat world .they can make massive leaps of 12m (40ft).
The lynx is about twice the size of a pet cat .most big cats roar ;when the lion gets angry ,it’s roar can be heard 8km (5miles)away!allcats look similar ,but their coats and shapes and sizes are suitable to where they live .some have long neck and big ears to enable it to see and hear well in long grass.cats fur keeps it warm and camouflaged .cats spend a lot of time licking their fur with their rough tongues to clean it.

The five largest ,most ferocious meat eaters of the cat family are known as the “big cats”.they are the lion ,tiger,jaguar,leopard,and snow leopard .
KING OF THE CATS:lions ,found on the grassy plains of Africa ,are the only cats that live in groups ,or prides.

Cats are officially the sleepiest animals in the world :they spend over 19hours a day asleep.prides ,of lions can often be seen napping under trees.they are perfectly safe to sleep in the open as they are not in danger of being killed by another animal .

Am gonna post most about the information of anything hope you guys enjoy reading my blogs.


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