Wierd but true

Heya .! Here ‘s 5 facts.hope you to enjoy by reading .

1-The lunar module computer on Apollo 11 had just 71k of memory.some calculators can now store more than 500k.

2-woodpeckers delayed a space shuttle launch in 1995 by pecking holes in fuel tank’s insulating foam.plastic owls are now used to frighten other birds away .

3-astronauts say that moving their hands in their gloves is difficult .to feel what they mean,put rubber band around your closed fingers and try to open them .do this fifteen times.

4-Daedalus wouldn’t be able to stop at Barnard’s star ,as to slow down would need as much fuel as to accelerate.so ,it would just whizz by taking pictures and measurements.

5-we are made from elements such as oxygen ,hydrogen,carbon and iron .hydrogen has been around since time began ,while the other elements get made Inside stars and spread when they die.


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