Rainfall and oasis.

Desert animals and plants make the most of any rainfall,but they also thrive in oasis,occasional islands of lush plant growth.
Oasis form where an underground river comes near enough to the surface for plants to grow.
Spade foot toads can spend a year buried in the parched desert ground ,hibernating.their tadpoles have to grow quickly.
When it comes to Crop.in the Sahara, oasis usually contain date palm trees.many have been planted by people living there,for whom the date palm is their main source of food.
Desert locusts normally live on their own , but after heavy rains they join to form vast swarms .a swarm may contain more than 50billion locusts.
Tadpole shrimp eggs can survive for more than 50years.they hatch when it rains, and then grow ,mate,and lay new eggs in just a few weeks .tadpole shrimps are called triops because they have 3eyes.

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