Uses of dry rose.

heya!a very good morning to amazing people.this blog tells you about the use of dried rose .the only rose which can be used when it is dried or dead.those dry leaves can be used in certain type of is helpfull and usely and beneficial .it can be used in curry’s , deserts ,facial  treatment.

Note:the name of that rose which can be used after it die’s too and the name is “DESI ROSE”or” INDIAN ROSE”

It is an edible flower.the indian rose is cool and mildly bitter-sweet.”rosetea,especially heals stomach ailments and combats fatigue and lethargy,”even chomping 

 on a desi gulab helps relieve stress.washing your face with rose-seeped water calms tired skin.

A recipe is alot available in this blog :      gulkhand recipe:place fresh rose petals in a glass jar and layer with cane sugar ;repeat the process until the jar is full.close the jar and place it in the sun shine place for 3-4weeks;open it every 2-3 days and stir.when it becomes a semi-solid form ,its is ready to eat. we can add this substance to milk and desserts too.


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