did you know?

1-In british,a cup of tea is called a ‘cuppa’,and more than 160million cuppas are consumed every day!

2-British are famous for their desserts.battenberg,victorian sandwich,English crumpets,sticky toffee puddings,bread and butter pudding,jam roly-poly,and bakewell tarts are some of the popular delights that tempt your sweet tooth.

3-pancake day or shrove tuesday is celebrated in many English-speaking countries such as the united kingdom(uk),ireland,australia and canada.in the UK,an event called pancake racing is held on the same dat where you run in a race,tossing a pancake in a pan!.

4-Toad in the hole is a British dish made of yorkshire pudding batter and sausages.

5-Bristol’s Fry and son made the world’s first chocolate bar.


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