Rareness and beauty are main things that make kadupul flower so special.this beautiful flower mainly found in forests of srilanka.it bloom only at mid night and perish before the dawn.it is the most expensive flowers because of its shorter lifespan.


  • Campion or silene tomentose can only be found in the british territory called gibraltar.its a weak fragrant ,evening blooming flower with a short lifespan.its was declared that there are no campion flowers left and became extinct.later it was redicovered that campion flowers still exist,but in inhospitable environment.Today,campion flowers are only exist in botanical gardens of gibraltar and london .but very few in number.


  •     Ghost orchid is a rare,spider web like flower that grows in cuba and florida .apart from its natural environment , it seems very difficult to cultivate ghost orchid.it needs high temperature and high humidity.it has no leafs .the stem and flower appear in green colour .with absence of leafs ,ghost orchid cant makes its own food .it linked with another plant for getting sufficient energy.ghost orchid only blooms for three weeks,between april and august .it produce soap like odor during blooming time.


  • Chocolate cosmos is a rare but stuningly beautiful flower native to mexico.chocolate cosmos is named after its chocolate like odor on blooming . This flower has a deep red brown colour.its blooms at evening in end of summer. Unfortunately ,this beautiful flower has been extinct.but it reproduced by the vegetative propagation in 1902.that is,only the clone of original chocolate cosmos exist now.such places where chocolate cosmos survives are protected by the law.


  • Parrots beak is endemic to canary island.the parrots beak like curvature which given its name this flower blooms best in spring and demands cool temperature .Fluctuations in temperature could causes the death of this flower.only a few members of this species exist today.the disappearance of parrots beak flowers has started since 1884.the surviving parrotbeak plants in canary islands are protected by laws.


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