heya!.                                                                                                                                                                  now am gonna share my feelings with you actual situation that i dont want within me.                my life changed alot                                                                                                                 why things has changed alot ?why these days i am getting irritated by every thing.?i dont know may its because  of my age  i think so about it.i dont like parsons who ask me any questions or like interfere in life .                                                                            i just wanted to be alone in a different place ,like every thing should be separated.if any one my family members or any one else wanna meet me they should make a call to me and if i agree i’ll meet .i just wanted to be busy in my life .work! work!and work!  nothing to do .                                                                                                                     it’s clear that i need time for my self .i just wanna spend time for my self.i need time and i dont need any partner or something like that with me .i want me to be with me .no tension ,i don’t have it actually but still being in a same place its not at all good .                                                                                                                                                              every thing become a headache for me .its not the age that i should say these words but i cant help .there is no tension or anything to me but every one want to live their life in their own way. my days are going boring not good situations.i wannted to be alone ,i can’t help just to be alone silent and write what i feel .that’s why i started writing blogs because when ever i feel such thing i usually write it on paper if in case i dont have my diary with me.                                                                          seriously ,books are the things that will never let you down ,thay wont spread your secrets they keep secret as you books love you my lord who made these books  and i think i should not keep thinking about the stuff which i wrote above.i think i should  be silent and keep doing my work.but sometimes i get distracted and disturbed i really really get fedup with all the stuff present with me or with whom am living .i cry ,i cry alot at night time in those surcumstances.i take every thing seriously that i shouldnt do it . i think its my fault that i’m thinking too much.i dont sleep during those situations and i dont even talk to any one.                                                                               i need to focused on my work and take breaths .i should !i have to be powerfull. god bless me.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           # featherthinker.!17218397_180058395832782_5736200525172317331_o


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