Expectations always hurts.

It was 5th november,sunday.                                                                                                                                                                  it was about night time.at night my friend “bunny”.she is my college friend .she texted me on what’sapp said that she would attend the college on monday .actually we had a conversation ,i was upset for no reason she made me feel good that time .suddenly my another friend “ferrari’texted me and said that she wouldnt attend the college on monday .i replied okay than i continued with bunny she had a conversation i in formed her that ferrari isnt coming attend the college on manday so she said okay .                                                                                                                                                 than i replied why is she not coming to college she should right bunny?bunny said yeah she should come to college .than i said i wont come on monday bunny .bunny replied that ,”why you aren’t coming on monday. am going to college on monday that’s okayright you should come shayesta.”okay i will come in shaa allah .                                                                                                                                                                            next day……                                                                                                                                                                      i went to college on monday i was waiting for bunny to come .i had already reserved a place for her so that we could sit together.i got a mini heartattack beacause she didnt came to college .i was paralised .i said to my self ohh shit of this feelings .literally i was hurted.but still i hopefull that she would be in the late comers room i thought so about .than late comers was entering into the class one by one i was searching for bunny .looking at every parson but unfortunately she didnt came to college .i was hurt full .really really it was painfull.i was like ummm i didnt felt this feelings any time never in school time.i was alone at that time .one was talkinh with me ,i felt very bad at that time .i did my lunch alone well,thats not the matter  ican be alone but the thing is that i dont know why i felt that feeling when she didnt come to college .i was upto cry ,i bend my head but i didnt cried .hurted alot i mean to saythat i have never felt this feelings for any friend but this one was like i cant live with…………………………….                                                                  actually ,i am truely attached alot to her and ferrari too.i love them ,when bunny said she would come to college and i should also come i flet like really really very good at that time .                                                                                                                              ohhh! i need to take a breath .huh!it’s okay for that bunny .am alright .i can be alone .                                                                                                                                                    by this situation : never ,ever promise any thing to any one .even if i is a small thing dont promise .who know;s if you couldnt able to do so..                                                     # featherthinker.!



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