The feather thinker.


Its me shayesta samreen so called feather thinker.i named my self as a feather thinker.i do follow it as per the meaning of the name .

A feather and a thinker. Feather  which means the lite weight thing which can fly all over the surrounding it can fly higher ,higher and higher .no rules, no regulations ,no laws ,no complaints ,no matter how long no matter how far and no matter how much high (at the top of the sky).

A thinker ,who think in a way like a feather do .no complaints no demands.a thinker with the thinkinh of a feather to fly high makes me a feather thinker.

Well! Every one thinks in a different way.every one makes the different meaning in their own way but i make the meaning of  a feather and a thinker in my way .as you already read above.

Be a feather and a thinker.



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