Cloud computing, or the cloud , is a colloquial expression used to describe a variety of different types of computing concepts that invlove a large numberof computers connected through a real -time communication network. Such as the internet.

Cloud computing is term without a commonly accepted unequivocal scientific or technical definition .In science ,cloud computing is a synonym for distributed computing over a network and means the ability to run a program on many connected computers at the same time .

The phrase is also , more commonly used to refer to network – based services which appear to be provided by real server hardware, which infact are severd up by virtual hardware,. Simulated by software runing on one or more real machines.

Such vertual services do not physically exist and can therefore be moved around and scaled up (or down) on the fly without affecting the end user-agruably , rather like a cloud .

The popularity of the term can be attributed to its use in marketing to sell hosted services in the sense of application service provisioning that run client server software on a remote location.


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