Introduction to the living world .

What’s in a name ?

  1. Taxonomy was descoverd by carl Linnaeus in 18th century .
  2. In 1996, deadly fungus in wheat crops in some part of USA was found and was known as tilletia indica which causes karnal bunt infection.
  3. By this information it is believed that many species have been descovering daily .
  4. Carl von linnaeus is considered as the “father of Taxonomy “for his extensive work on correlation, identification and classification of living organisms.
  5. Charles darwin is known as the “father of evolution”
  6. Robert whittaker is kniwn for his proposal of five-kingdom taxonomic classification.(monera, protista, fungi, plantae,animalia).
  7. Ersnt haeckel is famous in the field of evolution for hid recapitulation theory which states that ontogeny recaitulates phylogeny.
  8. TAXONOMY—- the study of identification, classification and naming a living organism is termed as taxonomy .
  9. This involves categorising organisms based on their similarities and groupinh them into appreciate gruops called TAXA (singular: TAXON).
  10. PHYLOGENETICS— Phylogenetics is the study of evolutinary relationship between taxa.
  11. Nomenclature in biology, is a system of naming living organisms such that a particular organism is known by the same name all over the world .
  12. CLASSIFICATION—- classification is the process by which anything is grouped into convenient categories based on some easily observable characters .

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