Creepy plants :

The Drosera

  • This is drosera glanduligera , and it doesn’t seem too bad. Until you see it in action .
  • This is five times the normal speed .the plant moves slowly so that the fly cannot assimilate its horrible death.
  • The sun dew fuds on insects that have the misfortune to step on those leaves that are seen.
  • The leaves are like a spring ,so they throw the insect directly into the plant .
  • The nest of sticky tentacles is waiting.
  • When the insects lands , they grab it and inroduce it, a slow and painful death.
  • They are in Australia.

Fingers of the dead man:

Polymorpha xylaria is fungus .

This fungus seems to be fingers of the hand coming out of the ground and has received the prize to the plant “most likely to get out of the ground and strangle your family in the middle of the knight “. As they are fungi , xylaria polymorpha feeds on dead and decaying matter.

Kissable plant:

Psychotria elata is native to south american countires such as colombia . Twador,costa rica and panama.

However , some locals refer to it by its scientific name.the red colour and the sensual and bright lips of these flowers are actually an intention to attract pollinators, such as humming birds.

Blood trees:

It’s known as pterocarpus angolensis, but is commonly the blood or bloody tree. this curious plant with red sap is found in southern africa.

Hydnora africana:

African hydnora is the closest thing that exists to a piranha plant in real life .the plant is also a shamless parasite .

It does not have leaves for photosynthesis, instead it sucks nutrients from nearly plants .

It also releases a horrible stale odor that attracts dung beetled afterwards, it catches them in their “jaws” until they are completely covered with pollen , leaving them free.

This process takes several days , during which the beetle is trapped inside those horrible jaws.


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