26th June 2018.


This day, i mean today i got something .

Its a normal thing when you acheive it easily but when you try ,try,try and harder and harder then only you can understand the struggle and the preorities of those things which we usually don’t give any thankfullness .

I have scored 79.4% in my intermediate and i have decided to fullfill my goal ,my aim which i usually dream of.

I wanted to do forensic science in degree but i was available in only one college in the whole Telangana.

I was quite worried about my admission what should i do now .

When we’d so many visits to the college but still my name wasn’t their in the list ,3lists …….

Then i was worried because it is the only one college of forensic science.

My elder sister suggested me to let go the admission in forensic science you can do something else by which you can be do Msc.forensic .

Then i thought of it and i decided to take bt, microbiology and chemistry.

I started finding collges with the course ,good colleges but my fortune was so much upset with me.

Good colleges got the seats full and i didn’t took admission

Finally, my elder sister suggested me to take admission in a simple college because if i sit like this i won’t get admission in any college.

Today my admission is completed . allhmdllh


May be you are very good ,but you will be settled where your fortune sets you.



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