Red beauty


Red beauty

The colour RED is just amazing and it is an interesting colour .we can show emotions by this colour .this is not just a colour its an emotion an emotion to pretend feelings .

The colourRED can be shown in many ways like anger,lòvè,to stop some thing to be happen,danger,fear,frustation,jealousy,etc .the royality of something can be expressed by adding the colohr red as well as black.

Royal The ROYALITY just can be seen by the colour RED.its even in human blood the red fluid (heamoglobin) the red colour is so special that its present in every human creature .its life the flow of it make us to live .it even give glam beautifull look to us the FAIRNESS because of blood (the colour red) .

Differentiating to oneself can be done with the red colour .if every one is wearing black one want to wear red .different is good .

Colour of fruits the red one you know very well ohhh yeah!the APPLE it looks so delicious and heathly to have it .even the doctor says “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”but it doesnt mean that its becaue of the red colour of the apple make sure about it (hehehheheh).

The red colour it is tge quality of the imagination,the emotions,it is the freshness of deep springs of life .

I am in love with red because love and the red rose cant be hide.

The power expressed in red type .the powerfull one chooses red to show their power as i told red is also an emotion the spirit .

At The high -level ohh you know very well the RAINBOW it contain the red shade .every thing has a red thing because every thing has an emotion a feeling that can be expressed to the world .