Architectural wonders of India:🎨

~Fatehpur sikri:

  • Everyone living in india is aware that New Delhi is the capital of the country.but did you know that long ago the capital of the Mughal Empire in india was Fatehpur sikri.This was the 1st country to be planned by the Mughals .
  • Fateh means ‘victory’ and sikri means ‘thanks to god’.it seems fitting that Buland Darwaza-probably the world’s highest gateway- built when akbar took over Gujarat is situated in Fatehpur sikri .
  • The gateway is about 40metres tall, and the steps that lead to
  • it add to its height .
  • The Buland Darwaza is also called ‘The Gate of Magnificence ‘.
  • Panch Mahal: found in Fatehpur Sikri, a building with five storeys .each storey is smaller than the storey it built upon.
  • The crownjng ‘storey’ consists of judt a kiosk eith four is assumed that the emperor used to sit in the uppermost kiosk to enjoy the evenings fresh breeze.
  • The entire structure has 176columns, of which 84 are fohnd in the ground floor.

β€’Buland Darwaza.

β€’closup of Buland Darwaza.


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